Latest News

The paper of Dr. Yuriy Polyakov, USPolyResearch, and Dr. Andrew Zydney, Pennsylvania State University, presenting latest mathematical models for protein ultrafiltration is published in Journal of Membrane Science

The paper of USPolyResearch scientists and their colleague at MIT/Harvard University proposing a new classification for the black hole binary system GRS 1915+105 is published in The Astronomical Journal

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Current Research

Phenomenological analysis of medical, biological, geophysical, and other natural stochastic time and space data series...
Development of a novel water and wastewater filtration process, depth membrane filtration,...
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Welcome to ideas and approaches of the future!

USPolyResearch is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit scientific research organization joining together leading researchers in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, and chemical and environmental engineering to solve critical problems in the fields of medicine, health care, biology, Earth sciences, ecology, and linguistics.

Our problem-solving methodology is based on:

  • structural organization and processing of the raw data related to a particular problem into a resource of usable information by applying the latest approaches of computer science, mathematics, and physics

  • utilization of original computer science technologies for developing software products that can be used to analyze and simulate natural processes

  • theoretical and practical scientific experience of our team members in challenging areas of science and engineering such as space technology, nuclear physics, time series analysis, chemical and environmental engineering, computational mathematics, and logistics

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